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1 Day / Countryside

50 €

A perfect day out in a small group and a minibus that takes you to the real countryside of Bulgaria. Pick up at 08.30 from your hotel. We take you to the unknown oldest church in Varna and pass by the Roman Baths. From there you head to the "Stone Forest" a natural rock formation entangled with myths. Afterwards you'll appreciate the craftsmanship from the Roman Mosaics in Devnya, and off course a visit to a small local Rakia distillery where bulgarians still keep this tradition intact. With this appetizer time has come for lunch. At "Dom Kasata", a typical bulgarian styled house, Mrs Kasata awaits you with a homemade meal and drinks. Return 15.30 at hotel. Departures for this day excursion from Golden Sands, Albena, St. Konstantin...


Tour also available in German, French or Dutch.


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